Advertising with Stream Wifi is a network of RV Park wifi systems across the United States of America that have a captive portal that users must sign up through to gain access to the internet.  Our advertising is not for our website, but for these captive portals and pages viewed within these networks.

We have 2 advertising options within our networks, Dedicated Site Sponsorship or Interstitial Banner Ad Impressions.

TermsDedicated Site Sponsorship

As the name implies, Dedicated Site Sponsorship provides the advertiser guaranteed impressions on both our Splash and Landing pages within the network.  It also provides the advertiser with the ability to force the end user to view a full page advertisement for 10 seconds before their browsing can continue if they select the free access option.    Given the high number of unique views this provides, and guaranteed exposure, it is our premium ad space which provides a unique opportunity for advertisers wanting to target our specific niche.

LandingInterstitial Banner Ad Impressions

All customers connecting to our network have a search page as their landing page after signing up for service.  There are 2 advertising sections on this page, with a 728×90 above the fold ad, and a 300×250 below the fold ad.  These ads are a lower cpm advertising option with higher impression rates, as the page is visited more often than the Splash and Landing pages by each unique user and can provide an excellent option for advertisers with a lower budget, with a non-guaranteed number of impressions.  These ads are also available on various parts of our publicly available website.

We don’t currently recommend any specific banner creating software, but for those who would like to have a go at creating their own banner, here is a list of potential options that might be useful.