StreamWifi.Global is an Anderson Morgan brand.  Anderson Morgan is a technology company with offices in Australia, Canada and the United States and has been operating since 1999.  The StreamWifi.Global brand has been developed specifically to focus on a large growing part of our business services, to provide publicly available WiFi services in outdoor and high density environments.  We work with industry leading hardware and software providers to customize solutions for each client’s specific needs.  We can provide full install, management and 24×7 customer call centre support for sites anywhere within North America or Australia.  We can also provide consulting services to assist with troubleshooting existing installations, Radio Frequency planning services and advisory services for DIY installations.

Contact Details

For sales enquiries, please email sales at streamwifi.global

For support enquiries, please email support at streamwifi.global

For immediate technical support, please call 1-888-856-3122